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Get up to Speed

Plants purchasing used machine tools should not only consider upgrading the CNC software, but also take steps to boost the skills of their operators. New operatives or those who have not had wide-ranging experience on different machines would benefit from extra training on how to work the equipment to ensure they are working safely and […]

Used Machine Tools Keep Costs Down

  Used CNC Lathe Buying used machine tools and related equipment is the ideal way for manufacturing plants to keep their costs down and profits high, as raw metal prices continue to increase around the world. Taiwan’s leading manufacturers of machine tools and components have revealed that they are to raise their product prices in […]

New CNC software

Machinists making the most of used CNC lathes will be able to get a preview of the latest CNC programming software from Gibbs this week. The California-based producer of programs for new and used machine tools will be exhibiting at the SolidWorks World 2011 Conference, being held in San Antonio, Texas from January 23-26. Having been […]