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Delcam to preview new PartMaker software at IMTS 2012

Delcam is to preview its 2013 version of CNC software PartMaker at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago next month. The updated programming tool can be used with CNC mills, lathes, wire EDM, turn-mill centres and Swiss-type lathes, and has a number of enhancements. One of the highlights of the new PartMaker software that […]

Renishaw demonstrates new machine tool setting and inspection probing system

Renishaw is to demonstrate its new RMI-Q multiple probe radio transmission system for used machine tools at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) 2012. The system uses a single radio receiver for tool setting probe and spindle-mounted touch probe installations, giving cable-free, fast integration. It can be integrated on to a wide range of used […]

Sicmat unveils innovative CNC honing machine

Sicmat, the specialist machine manufacturer for gear production, has revealed a new CNC honing machine to accelerate production. The machine sets a new industry standard for post-hardening fine finishing and uses an innovative honing wheel with external teeth alongside the precise, applications-specific CNC program developed by NUM. The Grono 250 CNC machine ensures accuracy in […]

Siemens emphasises machine tool productivity with new solutions

Siemens has announced several new solutions and services for used machine tool manufacturers under a “Productivity in Motion” theme. Its Sinumerik 828D software, introduced in 2010, has several new extentions,  American Machinist reports. Ideal for single-part and small-batch manufacture, the various programming systems can reduce set-up times. Additional capabilities will now include 828D Basic T […]

Cheltenham engineering firm invests in CNC machines

Cheltenham engineering firm Delapena Honing Equipment has invested almost half a million pounds in CNC machines for its manufacturing base. The company manufactures honing machines for the precision finishing of bores in engineering products and its equipment is used in many industries, from aerospace and automotive to defence and medical. As Delapena develops its own […]

Massive five-axis CNC machine puts the big in bigger and better

CNC machine tools have taken another massive leap forward, literally, with the development of the HSM-Modal five-axis high-speed processing centre. We have already seen CNC machine tools shrunk to desktop proportions and made accessible to home workshops, but this one goes in completely the opposite direction. Built by German firm EEW Maschinenbau, the gigantic piece […]

Small-footprint CNC machine brings high-end production to the home

CNC machines aren’t always massive space-consuming pieces of equipment. Just as computers no longer take up entire rooms and can now fit neatly on your desk, CNC machines can also become desktops. The ShopBot Desktop is a small-footpring CNC digital fabrication tool, but built to perform like its bigger brothers with the same flexibility and […]