Wolfmet produces patent-pending SLM process

Wolfmet Tungsten Alloys has launched a new patent-pending selective laser melting (SLM) capability. The new additive manufacturing process will benefit the nuclear imaging sector by allowing the additive production of pure tungsten components and parts at a higher level of complexity and accuracy.

Michael Anderson, product group director for Wolfmet, said: “The launch of our SLM service complements our existing expertise in manufacturing tungsten alloys across the nuclear, aerospace and motorsport industries. SLM can produce complex collimators with extremely fine grids.”

As a result of this process, the image quality is greatly enhanced as photons are channelled more accurately through the collimator to the detector, reducing scatter as a result.

Wolfmet’s business development manager, Steve Jeffery added: “With more than forty years’ history of producing tungsten alloy components, we are always focused on improving the performance of tungsten components for our customers. We’re excited to now deliver collimator designs that would not have been possible through conventional milling and turning, and with finer tolerances than before.”

SLM uses data from a 3D file to enable a high-powered laser fuse successive layers of tungsten powder until a complex component is produced.

For further details about Wolfmet’s selective laser melting capability, click here.

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