Trescal UK opens largest dimensional laboratory in the UK

Trescal UK has officially opened its newly refurbished and enlarged Manchester calibration and testing laboratory.

The new facility has incorporated part of Trescal’s Leigh capability, and is now the largest dimensional laboratory in the UK measuring, 13,800 square feet and employing 55 people.

The existing laboratory facilities have been completely refurbished and specialist standard laboratories have been created, which operate under strict climatic conditions to within 0.5° C. The laboratory is designed to service a range of calibration requirements including high voltage, acoustics, accelerometry, mass, torque, dimensional, electrical and pressure.

As well as six new laboratories, the Manchester site has also enjoyed a major investment in new equipment, including a new coordinate measurement machine (CMM) and automated screw gauge calibration equipment.

As noted by Kevin Hancox, branch manager for Manchester, the refurbished facility is a flagship for Trescal in the UK. The company has taken its calibration capabilities in the North West of England and merged them under one roof “to provide customers with seven additional scopes of calibration and a much-improved customer service experience.”

The Manchester facility principally serves the North of England, as well as providing dimensional calibration support to the UK Trescal network. As well as this, it is also the central hub for Trescal’s logistics operation in the UK. The key industrial sectors it serves are aerospace, rail, pharmaceuticals, energy and automotive.

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