NUM launches new CNC axis sharing facility

CNC company NUM has launched a brand new CNC axis sharing facility that will allow designers to create machine tools of unprecedented versatility and productivity.

The new CNC axis sharing facility delivers a very flexible and efficient means of controlling a high number of functionally interrelated groups of motion axes, by using advanced dynamic resource allocation techniques to share control across multiple CNC kernels.

As a result, machine designers can now implement control schemes for practically any type of machine tool, regardless of its complexity.

The new axis sharing facility further extends the flexibility of NUM’s high-end Flexium+ 68 CNC architecture by allowing the control of up to 32 servo drives to be timeshared by any of the CNC kernels in the system. Before this, it was only possible to share control of axes across the eight CNC channels of each individual Flexium+ 68 CNC kernel in a system.

Each individual Flexium+ 68 CNC kernel accommodates any combination of interpolated axes or spindles – up to a combined total of 32 – and supports up to eight CNC channels. Control of the axes and spindles can be passed from one channel to another as and when needed, to maximize use of hardware resources.

NUM’s market-leading Flexium+ CNC platform offers a choice of three configurations of CNC kernel, allowing machine designers to create cost and performance-optimised control systems for a wide range of automation.


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