Hexagon Metrology launches Leitz sensor automation system

The new Leitz SenmatiQ sensor automation system is now available from Hexagon Metrology. The system, which premiered at Control 2015 in Germany this past May, enables the fully automatic exchange of sensors within part programs.

The new Leitz system is designed to make programming easier while maximising machine uptime and productivity. The SenmatiQ interface is integrated directly into the quill of the CMM, using a mechanical loading system to engage the sensor without operator intervention.

As well as this, a built-in probe identification system recognises the sensor immediately and checks its status, so there is no need to recalibrate between exchanges. Users can gather together a complete overview using the sensor, as the data collected by each sensor is contained within the same software session.

The Leitz SenmatiQ can accept all common sensor types including analogue scanning sensors, optical and vision sensors as it is based on a universal sensor switch and intelligent sensor module. Additional sensors can be easily integrated, thanks to the interface.

The SenmatiQ sensor toolset includes the HP-S-X5 3D scanning probe, which is capable of carrying stylus extensions of up to 500 mm. As well as this, the motorised indexing probe head HH-AS-2.5 is also available, with HP-S-X1 scanning sensor and the Precitec LR optical sensor which is perfect for non-contact measurements on matte, reflective, glass or transparent materials.

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