ATP plans to invest in nine CNC multi-spindles

Auto Turned Parts (ATP) sees CNC multi-spindles as the future, and has just installed its third Index six-spindle CNC auto lathe. The company plans to install a total of nine machines in order to create the production capacity and deliver the efficiency that customers need.

The three machines already at ATP are now running 24 hours a day, six days a week and represent a total investment of £3m. In the future, the company plans to have nine Index CNC multi-spindles installed in its factory in Round Spinney, near Northampton.

As of March 2015, all of the ATP’s 40 remaining single-spindle cam-type lathes were sold or scrapped, and the current stock of 22 multi-spindle cam autos will be gradually reduced. As noted by production engineer Vic Pais, who is in charge of all machine tools at the Northampton factory, the transition to CNC multi-spindle machining has been extremely rewarding for the company, which he believes would have struggled to cope without the high production output from the CNC multi-spindles.

ATP financial manager Eddie Craddock said: “Buying a CNC multi involves a considerable investment, so embarking on a business plan to own nine of them is not for the financially faint-hearted.”

However, he went on to state: “We have calculated that investing in these machines is justified. It is not only because the high output reduces unit production costs but is also a result of the speed of programming and set-up, which lowers economical batch size to the low thousands.”

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