Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co delivers new 3D printer

Chinese company Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co. has been trail-blazing new trends in the world of 3D printing from its headquarters in London.

Zhuhai released a new 3D printer, the Bizer III when it opened its headquarters in Europe, and have now released a new machine: the Formaker 4-in-1 with 3D Printer & Comprehensive Manufacturing System. The new machine was one year in the making as part of a collaboration between CTC Electronic’s teams from the US, India, and the UK.

Zhuhai’s new machine includes a dual-head 3D printer and CNC laser mill, a laser PCB and laser engraving tool, so with a simple tool change, “you can now convert the machine to a full machining center for the home or office,” stated the CTC team.

The Formaker 4-in-1 will allow you to make precise, high-quality objects while operating at the highest speeds of 120mm/s to 170mm/s, and also offering the highest quality FDM prints at 0.04mm. 3D prints should result in sturdy first layers, with no lines, according to CTC.

Thanks to the dual-head 3D printer, a wide range of materials are compatible, including ABS, PLA, carbon fibre PLA, wood, polycarbonate and more. With the CNC mill/lathe, you can use wood, acrylic, lexan, brass, aluminium and plastics.

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