Asset International Ltd makes significant CNC investment

Asset International Ltd, one of the UK’s leading water management solutions companies, has investmented in two CNC cutting machines for use in its manufacturing facility in Newport.

Asset produces Weholite large diameter plastic pipes, and their significant investment of £350,000 into a variable angle band saw and a CNC Gantry Miller will ensure that they can continue to offer safe, efficient and cutting edge productivity.

The new computer-controlled saw is manufactured by the world-renowned German company Eugen Riexinger GmbH & Co KG, and will allow for an extreme level of accuracy and precision. It can cut variable angles and curved radii in pipe sizes up to three metres in diameter and lengths up to 14 metres.

As well as this, the new saw also contributes to health and safety as it eliminates the need to work at height and offers a substantial reduction in exposure to vibration.

The CNC Gantry Miller has already allowed Asset to develop new water management products. Asset managing director, Simon Thomas, said, “Asset aims to push the envelope at every available opportunity, and by making best use of the latest and greatest technologies from around the world, I believe that we are truly picking up the baton for British manufacturing.”

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