JBEC and StoneyCNC announce the new version of CNC router

StoneyCNC and JBEC are happy to announce the release of their new teaching and instructional version of their JBEC CNC series of routers.

The machine has a number of features which make it ideal to be used for teaching purposes. This new machine will come fully enclosed within an aluminium and transparent polycarbonate enclosure, which will fully isolate the user from the machine. This provides the opportunity for a 360 degree view of the machine. Students will be able to watch demonstrations on the machine safely, so that they can learn how it works.

The educational version of the machine also comes with an active interlock, which keeps the door locked shut while the spindle system is in operation. This provides an extra layer of safety which will keep the students away from all of the dangerous rotating tools for cutting during the operation of the routers. The educational version also has a fourth axis which allows for full 3D machining, which is often included in most educational programmes for CNC operation.

This educational version of the JBEC CNC router series will allow teachers and students to create different design ideas and practice bringing them to life in a controlled and safe manner. With these types of educational machines, teachers will be able to educate a new generation of CNC machine operators so that they can take advantage of the abundance of jobs within this industry that will be offered in the coming years.

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