CNC back-up service helping improve operations

A brand new cloud-hosted CNC data programme is helping to improve operations and reduce downtime. The Mitsubishi Electric Automation Company has offered its customers remote access to CNC machine tool information backups. This CNC back-up service enables companies to have machine tool data that is stored in a remote ‘cloud’ location, which will be accessible 24/7.

This will be very useful within the electronics, automotive, aerospace, drilling and machining industries. If service engineers don’t have backups, they will need to research which data is in the machine and then reprogramme it. If they have a data backup, they will be able to reset the parameters and eliminate this highly time-consuming set back that could cost the company a lot of money.

It is estimated that having remote backups for CNC data could save companies several hours or perhaps even a day of downtime. This can be very significant, especially in fast paced production industries that are producing a large number of products every day.

When determining whether to use this programme, companies need to measure whether the cost of backing up their data is worth it in order to prevent costly downtime in a high-production manufacturing environment. Mitsubishi Electric Automation also offers an online downtime cost calculator, so that companies can estimate how much it costs them when their machines are down. This will help them determine if the cost of $125 (£80) per backup, per machine, is worth it in terms of downtime losses saved.

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