Texthread acquires high-tech CNC machining facility

Texthread Incorporated has acquired a new high tech CNC machining facility in Houston, Texas. This means that the US company will now be able to produce precision machined components as well as its existing product lines.

The machine shop Texthread specialises in machining complex gaskets and seals for use within the oil industry as well as other technical parts. Some of the components that they produce include API ring gaskets, seals and much more.  The shop is very experienced when it comes to machining a wide variety of materials, including inconel, monel, and other exotics. Parts can be produced up to 24.5 inches in diameter and 80 inches long.

Texthread president, Richard Owen, said: “With this new acquisition, Texthread has greatly expanded our capability to produce specialty machined components to complement our existing product lines of threaded products and ring joint gaskets.”

All of the high tech CNC machines within the facility are less than four years old. The shop is also staffed with experience machinists who will be able to operate this technology safety and effectively.

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