GoTools in £200,000 CNC machinery investment

Rotherham-based firm GoTools has invested in CNC machinery in order to deliver high quality performance tooling for their clients across a wide range of industries. This new technology has been chosen for its ability to improve performance and increase efficiency of production.

Go Tools is a sister company to PMS Diecasting, a zinc diecasting firm also based in Rotherham. GoTools has recently equipped itself with a number of the latest CNC machining tools, including Hurco 5-axis machining tools and Mazak CNC 3-axis tools. These tools are worth £200,000 and the units are able to cut through complex forms so that they are accurate to less than 10 µm.

Go Tools has also invested £85,000 into a Nikon 3D laser scanner that is able to non-contact measure every aspect of a part to 2.5 microns. This piece of technology means that tool inserts can be scanned and checked as they are being manufactured. If there are any deviations from the original 3D CAD model then this issue can be rectified before assembling the tooling. This makes sure that the product is absolutely correct before it is sent to the customer for sampling. This will save the company a lot of time when it comes to re-sampling and re-tooling.

GoTools managing director Andy Millard, who formed the firm last year, said: “The aim of the new company is to provide our customers with technical support and encouragement to help them achieve greater productivity and ultimate payback from their tooling investment with improved productivity, whether for new products or replacement tooling.”

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