CNC machine centre UniSpeed 6 offers turning function

German manufacturer SHW has recently developed a new CNC machine centre, which is called the UniSpeed 6. This large machining centre will be able to produce complex components that weigh up to eight tonnes. It is a versatile piece of machinery that will also have a mill-turn version, which will enable parts weighing up to three tonnes to be turned. This new machining centre will offer more capability for the German company to produce its vehicle components.

The entire machine weights 45 tonnes, but it requires no special foundations because it has its own composite rigid base. This means that installation costs will be reduced. The material used in a special type of concrete which has a much better damping capacity than cast iron, approximately 30 times higher. This means that there will be a better surface quality on the machined part and a longer tool life. The machine will also be able to achieve much more precise manufacturing tolerances.

SHW is one of Germany’s oldest industrial enterprises, as it was established in 1365. At the moment, the SHW group is one of the leading automobile suppliers in Germany and it offers products that contribute to a reduction of fuel consumption as well as lowering CO2 emissions. The components that the SHW group produces include water pumps, electric pumps, fuel pumps, gear sets, composite brake discs, balancer shafts, engine oil pumps and much more. These parts are used in a number of different applications, from passenger cars to trucks to agricultural and construction vehicles.

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  1. CNC, or computer numerical control, allows a computer to dictate the moves a machine makes to perform cutting function. CNC machine are also helpful in to speed up production at large manufacturing plants . Thanks for sharing this post.

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