Sicmat unveils innovative CNC honing machine

Sicmat, the specialist machine manufacturer for gear production, has revealed a new CNC honing machine to accelerate production.

The machine sets a new industry standard for post-hardening fine finishing and uses an innovative honing wheel with external teeth alongside the precise, applications-specific CNC program developed by NUM.

The Grono 250 CNC machine ensures accuracy in gear shaving, eliminating any need for extra shaving and grinding stages and increasing production throughput.

Sicmat saw an opportunity to use a honing wheel with external teeth rather than the traditional circular ring assemblies with teeth in the internal face – tools which are expensive and time-consuming to set up. The new idea would improve accuracy, the firm believed, so initial research was conducted with the Faculty of Engineering at Turin Polytechnic University.

This proved that the new machine could work, and Sicmat decided to base the new honing machine on its RASO TP 250 gear shaving machine, which has shown impressive stiffness and resistance to vibration.

The Grono 250 has eight motion axes, plus a further three on an associated robotic loader, controlled by a NUM Flexium CNC system. All motors are driven by NUMDrive C serodrives and the whole system runs on two NUM MDLL 3050 regulated power supplies. Efficiency is maximised throughout and the motors are controlled and synchronised through NUM software.

Marco Battistotti, Director of NUM’s Italian facility, explains: “For this application, Sicmat needed specialist control software to provide extremely tight synchronisation of the machine’s honing axes.

“The success of our collaboration was apparent immediately the first machine tests were run; the finished gears were of exceptionally high quality.”

Sicmat will be discussing its new machine tool at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago next month. NUM will also be present to highlight its custom CNC software services.

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