CGTech and ZOLLER partnership simplifies tool library creation

Software developer CGTech and CNC machine manufacturer ZOLLER have joined forces to simplify tool library creation and make life easier for their customers.

CGTech, developer of VERICUT CNC verification and simulation software, and ZOLLER, leading presetting and measuring machine manufacturer and tool manager experts, are partnering on a new project.

“The ZOLLER vision system provides a direct link between the presetter and VERICUT,” explained CGTech president Jon Prun.

“Our mutual customers benefit from this partnership by having the ability to scan accurate 3D models of tool assemblies which can be easily transferred to VERICUT in a variety of CAD formats.”

VERICUT simulates CNC machining to identify any errors, such as collisions, over-travel and gouges. This allows used machine tool operatives to verify the accuracy of the program before beginning the procedure, reducing the likelihood of costly errors and ensuring materials, and time, are not wasted. The software also enhances efficiency by optimising cutting speeds.

ZOLLER’s worldwide subsidiaries cover all applications of tool presetting, measuring, inspection and management. The firm’s TMS Tool Management Solutions software offers the potential for huge savings by organising the manufacturing process through a central data base utilised by all production units. The modular design means users can improve production processes step-by-step.

“ZOLLER software is fully automatic and precise to the micron” said Alexander Zoller, president of ZOLLER Inc.

“With a push of a button, the presetter will scan the tool as built on the shop floor, eliminating inaccuracy and the need to manually model tools. Creating a VERICUT tool library has never been easier.”

All this means that used machine tool operators can focus on getting the job done without worrying about troublesome errors in programming or machining. Accurately verifying processes before they begin can save time and money and allows manufacturers to get things right first time, every time.

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