Delcam software ‘best for five-axis programming’

Delcam’s PowerMILL software has been described as the best choice for five-axis programming.

Jason Taylor, five-axis CNC machine programmer at Viking Yachts, says it is hands down the easiest and best software he has ever used.

His firm first began using Delcam software after acquiring an MR125 gantry milling system. Able to handle parts 50ftx20ft and 10ft high, it can mill patterns as large as a vessel’s bridge and helm in one single piece.

Set up in 1964, the Viking Yacht Company started with the acquisition of Peterson-Viking Builders, a small builder of 37-foot wooden sport-fishing boats. Taken on by brothers Bill and Bob Healey, it is now a world leader in semi-custom fibreglass yachts and has delivered more than 4,000 vessels to customers.

One of the most important parts of the company is its in-house manufacturing capabilities, which have helped it to build a strong reputation. From design to the end product, 90% of each boat is produced in-house utilising the firm’s wide range of used machine tools and other equipment. Apart from things such as engines, transmissions, air conditioning systems, electronics and entertainment systems, everything is created by Viking.

“I have been programming with PowerMILL for over five years now,” Mr Taylor says.

“Here at Viking Yachts, we use cutting-edge software for all our engineering needs. PowerMILL helps us stay on top of the competition.”

Now running the 2011 version, Viking has saved money and made jobs easier with Delcam, he adds.

All parts are machined with five-axis routers, whether they are a few inches long or 50 feet. Viking also utilises some unique tooling and materials and PowerMILL handles all file without a hitch, even if parts contain thousands of surfaces or tight corners. This is where the CNC software’s collision avoidance and simulation tools come in very handy.

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  1. is this software open source?

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