NUMROTO grinding software automates dimensioned engineering

Manufactures of machine tools can now automatically create dimensioned engineering drawings to show precise geometry with the latest NUM software.

The updates to the tool grinding computer program NUMROTO give automatic creation of documentation for machine tools.

It produces cross-sectional views of a tool at any position along its length, meaning production verification is far quicker and easier, reducing production time when working on used CNC machines.

The NUMROTO Draw function also allows drawings to incorporate images directly from a 3D simulation of a tool, so that even complex grinding details can be shown accurately.

“NUMROTO Draw is ideal for tool manufacturers seeking a means of showing customers precise details of tools prior to production, or of confirming the ground geometry of a tool as part of the delivery process,” NUM explains.

“The software is also likely to prove popular with tool re-sharpening companies, as it enables them to provide customers with documented confirmation of work, either before or after it has been carried out.”

It builds on the current level of product documentation for CNC machine tools already available by enhancing the drawing generator. With this update, manufacturers can now show the precise cross-sectional details of a complex ground geometry.

Integration with the core NUMROTO software gives a wealth of data sources so the drawing is derived directly from the same information as the CNC program. The software can then automatically calculate all dimensions and give an appropriate drawing. Amendments can be made very easily.

Furthermore, if the program includes the grinding wheel data, NUMROTO Draw can use this information to integrate 3D details with the drawing as colour images or wire frame models.

Other enhancements to the CNC machine software have also been made, including:

  • the number and type of measurements that can be performed during grinding operations has been extended significantly
  • operators can now maintain tolerances to within ±3 microns, even when producing a wide range of tools that may involve as many as 15 different measurements
  • an XML data interface, enabling tool geometry parameters such as length, diameter, rake angle, relief information and many others to be exported for use in other programs, or imported from a customer’s database to shorten the design-to-production path

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  1. Numroto grinding shoftware decrease setting time and 3D simulation is very helpfull for making complex tools

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